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Beloved animals are celebrated in a most delightful way through this functional and collectible menagerie of tableware.

Sophisticated and sure to please, these distinctively designed dishes are conversation pieces and meant to be used and enjoyed, as they are beautifully crafted, dishwasher safe, and substantial.

 Every piece in this collection is designed, hand-thrown, and hand-painted in the artist’s studio in the United States.  Glazes are lead-free.

Some pieces are made for the dog and cat.  Two bowls are designed especially for cats and toy dogs.   There are bowls for use by dogs of various sizes.  They can’t be tipped without some effort and they definitely can’t be carried around by the dog!

On items for the dogs, we paint the image inside the bowl as well as on the outside, so it looks as beautiful on the floor as it does on the counter. 

Poodles or Pomeranians?  A Pug or a Pig?  . . . or a custom image of your own animal companion—or a friend’s?! 
Click here for information about custom orders.

Egg Cup Mini Vase Spoon Rest
Egg Cup
At 2.5 inches tall, the egg cup is a charming addition to any breakfast table. This charming little vase is 2" in height, perfect for toothpicks or buds. At 3 3/4" wide, this spoon rest is also made to fit on the top of your mug--to keep hot beverages hot!
Large Spoon Holder Baby Mug Cat / Toy Dog Feeder
Baby Mug
A stove top helper, soap dish, paper clip holder, or ...? This piece is 5 1/2" wide. This 'baby' mug is ideal for exotic teas, coffees, or children! It is 2.5 inches tall.

Click here to view design options.

The cat / toy dog feeder is shallow and a comfortable 5" across. This bowl works well with the platter to create a vegetable and dip presentation.
Deluxe Mug Wide Cat Feeder Small Bowl
A huge favorite at Good Dog Goods, this mug is the perfect size for absolutely anything, holding 12 ounces.  See the small spoon rest, which serves as a lid for this mug. Still shallow enough for the comfort of a small cat or toy dog, this feeding bowl is just under 6" across. Consider using this bowl with the platter to create a vegetable and dip presentation.  Our friends tell us it is also the perfect size for a baby's bowl. The small bowl is 7" across, slightly more flared than the soup bowl, perfect for salads and cereals.
Soup Bowl Creamer Dessert Plate
A classic soup bowl, this piece is 6" across and nice and deep. The creamer is a perfect size and a beautiful shape--5" tall, holding 16 ounces. The dessert plate is a generous 6" and serves nicely as a bread plate as well.
Honey Pot Sugar Jar Small Pet Feeder / Cereal Bowl
The old-fashioned honey pot holds 16 ounces of honey! Did you know honey is good for dogs, too?! The sugar jar is 5" tall, holds 16 ounces, and makes a fabulous CAT TREAT JAR!! This pet feeder is great for dogs of small to medium size at 6 1/4" wide, holding 20 ounces.  Plain inside, it's perfect for humans!
Lunch Plate Medium Dog Feeder / Medium Serving Bowl Dinner Plate
The luncheon plate is 8" in diameter, a comfortable side-dish size. The medium dog feeder bowls are 8" across, holding 1 quart, a great size to accomodate most breeds.  Plain inside, it's perfect for humans!  With this option, two different animals or breeds are possible--or you may prefer just one image appearing twice on the outside of the bowl. Dinner plates are 10" in diameter, a generous and practical size--large enough for dinner, yet they still fit in the cupboard!
Deluxe Salt & Pepper Shaker Pasta Bowl Utensil Holder
These are absolutely fabulous. Sold by the pair, they are 2 1/2" tall--we can't keep them in stock. The pasta bowl is a shallow bowl 8" in diameter and 2" deep. Another versatile piece, this makes a great vase or counter top utensil holder. At 7" high, it holds 1 1/2 quarts.
Large Dog Feeder / Large Serving Bowl Mixing Bowl Cookie Jar
The large dog feeder and serving bowl is 10" in diameter, 4" deep, holding 2 quarts, which suits all larger breeds.  It will hold salads or fruit as well as serving as a serving bowl.  It won't tip over and it can't be carried around by the dog! This bowl is a terrific size--a versatile mixing or salad or serving bowl, it is 8" in diameter, 8" tall, and holds 3 quarts. This bowl can have two different images--two different dogs or two different animals! The cookie jar is 9 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and holds 3 quarts--a LOT of cookies. Don't be afraid to keep your own treats here!
Pitcher Centerpiece Bowl Platter
Who wouldn't want this beautifully shaped pitcher to grace a counter or a table? It also makes a wonderful vase. A favorite gift here at Good Dog Goods--people usually buy a couple mugs to go with it! Holding 2 quarts, it is 10" tall. This bowl makes a wonderful centerpiece. It is 10" in diameter, 10" tall, and holds 5 quarts. There are two images, one on either side. Two different animals or breeds are possible! The platter is 13" across, a perfect size for serving hors d'oevres, main courses, or just for decoration. Use either size cat and toy dog feeder to create a lovely veges and dip presentation!