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Kristy's Organic Catnip Mouse Kristy's Organic Catnip Rat Kristy's Organic Raw Catnip
Filled with aromatic fresh organic catnip homegrown on a seaside Martha's Vineyard farm, our terry cloth mouse is sure to inspire and enliven your cat in very good ways.  We will send you a bright cheery color! This soft fleecy rat is a real self-esteem booster for a cat!  Filled with aromatic catnip organically home grown on a seaside farm on Martha's Vineyard, this rat is guaranteed to perk up any cat, even one with a lousy self image or little confidence.  Tiger up!!
This highly aromatic, fresh raw catnip is organically homegrown on a beautiful seaside farm on Martha's Vineyard. Put some in a paper bag or the toe of a clean sock, rub a pinch on a scratching post, or sprinkle a little catnip in your cat's favorite hiding place and enjoy a very happy cat!