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Golden Fever

It's been said this would be a better world if people were more like golden retrievers.

Friendly, cheerful, self-assured, and just plain loveable -these are the classic characteristics of goldens.

That's the upside.

What golden owners won't tell you, but is hilariously revealed in this charming book of humorous cartoons, is that these lovely dogs can also display hoodwinking deceit, annoying persistence, blind jealousy, selfishness, flatulence and indolence.

Of course, it's because of these exasperating traits, if not in spite of them, that goldens are so darn endearing.

All golden owners will recognize themselves and their dogs in Bruce Cochran's Golden Fever!
The Dog-Sitter's Handbook

There's no place like home...for your dog(s) while you're away.

And leaving a pet at home means hiring a sitter to either stay at your house or drop in periodically.

This handbook is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that your dog-sitter has all the information needed to care properly for your pet.

Simple, fill-in-the-blank format helps you record every detail about your dogs feeding, exercise, personality, health care needs, emergency contact information, and more.

Plus, this guide contains an excellent primer on canine behavior, suggestions for play and exercise, the correct way to discipline a dog, and what to do if the animal becomes ill.

The final section prompts feedback from your dog-sitter.

Space for four dog-sitting occasions.

Karen Anderson is the author of Cats Have No Masters...Just Friends and Just Cats.

Just Mutts II

A smaller version of the 10 x 8 inch Just Mutts.

Who among us hasn't owned or known a mutt in their lifetime?

Now these rogues of dogdom finally receive just recognition in a delightful book of their own.

Just Mutts is a colorful, touching, and often hysterical tribute to the "mixed breed domestic canine."
Ranch Dog

Through a combination of short essays and cowboy poetry, Ranch Dog: A Tribute to the Working Dog in the American West celebrates the integrity, personality, love of work and loyalty of the working ranch dog.

These working dogs represent many different breeds for cattle, sheep and goat herding, including the Catahoula hound, the Queensland cattle dog (heeler), the border collie, the Australian shepherd, the black mouth cur and, of course, the occasional mongrel.

When in their element, doing what they have been bred and trained to do, there are few things that can compare to the sheer joy and amazement one experiences while looking on in disbelief as these tireless dogs round up the herds.

Wonderful photographs depict the freedom, landscapes, horses, livestock and riders that share the range, and the adventurous and beautiful lifestyle, that belongs to these dogs.
Why Puppies Do That

Why do puppies sometimes lie on their backs when approached? Why do they sleep in a pile? Why do puppies have that special puppy smell? Why are some puppies runts?

Few things can cause as much head scratching as the peculiar behavior and characteristics of a new puppy, and this book aims to answer all of the questions new dog owners wonder about their new little charge.

Illustrated with pencil drawings, Why Puppies Do That is lighthearted, informative, and as fun as a new puppy.
Why Dogs Do That

Why do dogs bury bones? Why do dogs turn circles before lying down? Why do dogs chase cars? Or their tails?

These and 36 other curious canine behaviors are informatively and lightheartedly answered in the handsomely illustrated Why Dogs Do That.

An original pencil drawing, rich in detail, illustrates each insightful explanation of odd but characteristic dog actions, social graces and sometimes unseemly deportment.
Children's Letters to Dog

So goes this charming collection of funny, sincere and incredibly creative kids’ letters to the dogs at a local Humane Society.

Given photos of the dogs (all of which have since found loving homes), the children were free to write about anything on their minds—and that’s exactly what they did.

Some wrote about their favorite things like pizza, hot dogs and Captain Underpants. Others wrote about their most unfavorite things like sisters, allergies and haircuts.

But one thing every child did: they all reminded us that life is more fun with a vivid imagination and a four-legged friend to share it with.

Jack Rascals

When Parson Jack Russell set out to create the perfect hunting dog, did he foresee the comical antics that would come along with this tiny turbo-charged package?

Probably not, but Jack owners who love the breed wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks to the Parson, what was once a perfect hunting dog is now a perfectly quirky house dog.

Not an instruction manual, not an owner’s guide, not even a training handbook.

Instead, Jack Russell Terrier owners can enjoy ninety-six pages of frolicking fun and full-color photos while gaining new insight into the plucky and lovable JRT breed.

101 Uses for a Dog

In their steadfast desire to please, dogs are ready, willing and able to perform a multitude of tasks for the asking.

This collection is a light-hearted testimonial to our furry companionship versatility and enthusiasm for helping out in any way they can.

101 uses are portrayed with superb full-color photographs of a wide variety of breeds.
101 Uses for a Golden

Not only are golden retrievers great to look at, they are ready, willing and able to perform myriad tasks for their owners.

This full-color guide unlocks 101 of their heretofore hidden talents including backseat driving, home security alarm, foot warmer, taste tester, and many more.
101 Uses for a Lab

101 Uses for a Lab is a whimsical look at the many roles the Lab in your life can fill. Garbage disposal, car alarm, athlete, border patrol, fishing buddy, and dishwasher...these are just a few of the Lab's many hidden talents. This book brings to life all the heartwarming, endearing characteristics that make these dogs favorite companions.
Puppy Love

Nothing makes the heart warmer than a cute, fuzzy puppy, and that warm feeling is transferred to the world of love in this humorous gift book.

Puppies may be small but their lessons are large, especially when it comes to love.

Lessons on showing affection, nuzzling more often, respecting each other, and showing kindness, trust, and faithfulness are all paired with adorable color photographs of puppies in all their delightful exuberance.
What Labs Teach Us

If you've ever lived with a Labrador retriever, you know they have lessons to teach. Labs are America's number one pet for a reason: they have an admirable, innate understanding of the joys and simplicities of life that makes everyone around them happier.

By emulating the lessons served up every day by these generous animals, we can all learn to smile more, relax better, love with less inhibition, and appreciate with more conviction and understanding the gift of being alive.

Delightful full-color images are paired with over 100 insightful Labrador lessons.
101 Uses for a Jack Russell

Intelligent and spunky, the Jack Russell Terrier performs scores of useful tasks for their owners!

Whether it's as a garbage disposal, car alarm, athlete, alarm clock, this full-color guide unlocks 101 of the Jack Russell's heretofore hidden talents.

Illustrated by Dusan Smetana's heart-warming photography, 101 Uses for a Jack Russell evokes all the charming traits that make this little dog so fun and lovable.
Bad to the Bone

Let's face it: ALL dogs are good, and ALL dogs are bad.

No matter how happy the smile, how tender the big, droopy eyes, or how sweet the head nuzzle, there isn't a dog alive who will ignore a dropped piece of food, the garbage when it's within reach, or the couch when you aren't home.

Dogs also, by definition, drool, beg, whine, stay when they are told to "come" and come when they are told to "stay."

While these behaviors aren't technically "sins," they often resemble them, and in this charming gift book, the seven deadly sins have never been so much fun!

Full-color photographs of dogs behaving badly are humorously paired with classic quotes involving lust, greed, gluttony, indolence, temptation and other dog "sins" that prove it's only human to be a bad dog.

Lap Dogs

The diminutive size and lovable expressions of little lap dogs are celebrated in this charming gift book.

The delight of these petite pups is present on every page as their perky faces, alert eyes, ribboned hair, and tiny antics are illustrated in page after page of adorable photographs.

Paired with the photographs are fun facts about the different breeds, quotes from those that love them, and lots of praise about being small, good-natured, and full of joy.

This captivating book is sure to warm the heart of any dog lover.
BIG Lap Dogs

Little lap dogs may be all the craze, but those who own larger dogs know that they demand lap attention as much as any petite pup.

All of the golden retrievers, Labs, boxers, bulldogs, shelties, and other big dogs might look strong and imposing on the outside, but their owners know otherwise.

Inside, all dogs love to cuddle, snuggle, nuzzle, and hug, and you might even catch them wearing a sweater or two!

The fun and funny photographs and text in this book showcase big dogs being big softies, proving that the larger breeds love to be babied too!
Pug Mugs

They may be small, round, and sweet, but the mugs on these pugs can't always be believed.

Hidden beneath the big eyes and innocent-looking faces often lurks a pug who has waddled to the wrong side of the tracks.

Petty theft, bribery, fraud, vandalism, even lewd and lascivious behavior are well documented in the mug shots of these pugs caught in the act of their pernicious crimes.

Humorous? Yes. Funny? Not if you believe that pugs should be a little more decorous than this unruly bunch.
Just Friends

No matter how many times it is said, it still remains true: dogs are man's best friends.

It's proved again in Just Friends, a delightful tribute by Bonnie Louise Kuchler to the friendship of dogs, with wonderful full-color photographs by the nation's leading photographers paired with enchanting quotations on the meaning of friendship and loyalty.
The Dog's Bark

Revel in the experiences life has to offer by listening to some sage advice from our canine friends.

Filled with lighthearted cartoons, color photographs, and lively messages, Dog's Bark focuses on the simple pleasures of life - from a dog's perspective.

Find time to play more, be inquisitive, and sniff around for the good stuff in life.
Dogs Are Stupid

Harsh words, but often proved true.

They may be amiable, loyal, forgiving, ready to defend our domains against all threats - but, well, they still aren't the brightest creatures on the planet.

Regardless of our reprimands, they still obsess over other dogs' excrement, eat and roll in horse manure and rotting carcasses, quake at the sound of thunder, drink out of toilets, eat garbage and then throw up, and perform demeaning pet tricks for measly Milkbones.

Their cheerful personality has everything to do with their being blissfully ignorant, which explains why we're so drawn to them.

They do all sorts of stupid things and yet never get embarrassed or feel ashamed.

We should be so lucky.

And, the fact is, dogs are an awful lot like people.

This book takes an irreverent look at dogs' behavior and at the often ridiculous conduct of their owners.

From Fido being dressed up in baby clothes, having his own birthday cake or being carried on a "walk," to dogs incessantly smelling each others' behinds, barking at squirrels they can't reach, or running away from a tom cat, Bill Buckley photographs and comments on them all.

The book surmises that dogs can't seem to stop repeating the same behavior that brings them nothing but trouble, while their owners have no such excuse.

Despite dogs' simple-mindedness, however, this book is still a tribute to man's best friend, if a bit underhanded.
The Golden Retriever

With the plethora of dog training books on the market, how do you choose which is right for you and your new puppy?

We've tried to address this issue by offering a new series of training books designed to be clear, concise and reliable in our training message.

This informative book will guide you well in choosing, training, and caring for your golden.
The German Shepherd Dog

With the plethora of dog training books on the market, how do you choose which is right for you and your new puppy?

We've tried to address this issue by offering a new series of training books designed to be clear, concise and reliable in our training message.

This informative book will guide you well in choosing, training, and caring for your German Shepherd.
The Jack Russell Terrier

With the plethora of dog training books on the market, how do you choose which is right for you and your new puppy?

We've tried to address this issue by offering a new series of training books designed to be clear, concise and reliable in our training message.

This informative book will guide you well in choosing, training, and caring for your Jack Russell Terrier.
What Dogs Teach Us

Dogs are our best friends for a number of reasons.

Chief among them is their passion for the joys and simplicities of life that we humans so rarely achieve.

What Dogs Teach Us is a colorful and charming little guide to life's lessons from the unassuming viewpoint of our canine companions.

We can all become better friends to one another by applying this inherent wisdom and canine nature to our own lives and circumstances.

A 30-year veteran editor and reporter, Glenn Dromgoole lives with his two dogs, Pola and Honey, who continue to teach him daily.
Why Goldens Do That

Golden retrievers are very special dogs with equally special traits and characteristics that set them uniquely apart from other (some would say, "lesser") dogs.

This book aims to answer all of the questions golden owners wonder about this breed, such as:

Why do goldens have such long hair that sheds so much? Why do goldens look like they're smiling? Why do goldens eat grass? Why do they love to play, and why do they make such good service dogs?

These and 35 other interesting golden behaviors are lightheartedly and thoroughly explained in this fun and insightful volume.

The text is illustrated with stunning color photographs of the various behaviors.
Why Labs Do That

Labrador Retrievers are very special dogs with equally special traits and characteristics that set them uniquely apart from other (some would say 'lesser') dogs.

This colorful book aims to answer all of the questions Lab owners wonder about their breed, including:

Why do Labs come in three colors? Why do Labs eat grass? Why do Labs look like they're smiling? Why do they love to play, and why do they make such good service dogs?

These are just a few of the over forty interesting Lab behaviors that are lightheartedly and thoroughly explained in this fun and insightful volume.
Haute Dog

"If you look good and dress well, you don't need a purpose in life," says fashion consultant Robert Pante, and the well-dressed dogs in this charming book prove that looking good feels great too!

Chic, cool, trendy, and beautiful, these haute dogs have it all, from diamond-studded collars to pink paisley harness vests and lime green chenille shirts with flowers and bangles.

Whether preppy or sophisticated, the canine couture displayed here is sure to make your dog drool with envy.

Fashion photography by Karen Ngo is complimented with fashion advice, tips on how to stay cool when you're haute, and all sorts of spendy trends perfect for spoiling your favorite friend.
Gaining a Leash on Life

ogs are more than wonderful companions.

They are, to those who attentively observe, master teachers and models of how to live a richer, fuller life.

Gaining a Leash on Life invites readers to obtain a new perspective following the direction of Bud, the author's scrappy 16-year-old terrier mix.

For instance, Bud has a penchant for howling at 2 a.m. for no apparent reason other than that it must feel good, that it releases his spirit. In turn, the author, a psychologist and university professor, encourages us to release our own spirit by finding our own "howl."

Organized around four themes-Awareness, Acceptance, Authenticity, and Celebration-the text is aimed at increasing one's awareness and acceptance of oneself, of others, and of the world in which we all live.

Gaining a Leash on Life encourages and instructs us to embrace a new way of life, one in which we howl more and worry less, turn the "every day" into something to celebrate, recapture dreams and turn them into realities, and find the peace and calm meant to be experienced.

These are the encouraging, heartwarming, and spiritual lessons of Bud.
It takes a Dog to raise a Village

This collection of true stories celebrates the lives of a handful of vagabond dogs who spurned confinement and one-family ownership.

Each dog's tale is unique:

Boozer had his own bank account and appeared on Good Morning America; Owney spent his life riding U.S. mail trains and can now be seen in the Smithsonian Institute; Greyfriars Bobby snuck into the cemetery every night for 14 years to sleep on his deceased master's grave; Lampo became famous for riding the railways of Italy but always returned to the same station; Tricksey offered companionship to the residents of a nursing home; Patsy Ann watched the shores of Alaska and knew before all others that a ship was arriving even though she was stone deaf.

These atypical dogs all share the same independent spirit that inspires human admiration and devotion.

It Takes a Dog to Raise a Village is a tribute to their spirit and their unusual bonds with the humans who knew them.

The text is highlighted by pencil drawings.
Which Puppy?


Calling all puppies!

The White House is looking for a pet!

When word spreads far and wide around the globe that the First Family is looking for a pet, animals of all sorts want the part: puppies from Egypt, India, and France; a Neapolitan mastiff from Maryland; and even a kitten, a guinea pig, skunks, turtles, and a raccoon.

Which puppy will be chosen?

Pulitzer prize winner Jules Feiffer teams up with his daughter Kate Feiffer to tell a warmhearted tale of a worldwide competition to be the perfect pet.
Henry the Dog with No Tail

Henry wanted one thing in life.  He wanted a tail.  All the other dogs he knew had tails.  

Grady, a black Labrador, had a great big black tail.

Pip, a pug, could do tricks with her tail.

Larry had a big puffy ball tail....

The Problem with the Puddles

 What if your parents agreed to disagree? Eight and a half years ago, when their beautiful baby girl was born, Mr. and Mrs. Puddle couldn't agree on what to name her. So Mrs. Puddle calls her daughter Emily and Mr. Puddle calls her Ferdinanda. And everyone else? They call her Baby. The Problem with the Puddles Having parents who agree to disagree does mean twice as many presents on your birthday, but it can complicate your life! There was the time Baby's parents couldn't agree on what kind of dog to get -- so they got two, both named Sally. One summer day, when rushing back to the city from their country house, the Puddles leave the Sallys behind. Will the Puddles agree to go back? What will become of the Sallys? Kate Feiffer's debut novel is by turns funny, heartwarming, and wholly satisfying. Tricia Tusa's pleasing artwork makes the Puddles' world complete. Let the Puddle family into your heart. You will be glad you did.
Good Dogs

Good Dogs: Stories of Benevolence is a collection of true stories about dogs helping people and people helping dogs.

They are stories about all kinds of dogs-some with jobs; some who were abused and ultimately cared for; some who were simply loving pets; and a few who were famous-but all of the stories are about kindness, hope, starting over, and lending a hand.

The dogs found here-Lacey, Scarlet, Polly, Lord Geoffrey, Ronnie, Daisy, and all the others-are proof of the meaningful relationships and strong bonds that can be formed when the best side of humans and the best side of dogs reach out to each other and form friendship and good will.
Golden Days

There's no love quite like the love of a golden retriever.

Anyone who has experienced this unique, wondrous relationship, or who simply enjoys a beautiful tale of the affection between people and their very special dogs, will fall in love with Arthur Vanderbilt's unforgettable memoir of a doting retriever named Amy and the seasons of joy she shared with those around her.

First published in 1998, Willow Creek Press is proud to bring back to print this tenderly told love story that illustrates what a golden retriever can teach us about ourselves and the world we share.
My Kingdom for a Lab

An informative and heartwarming collection of hunting stories and essays featuring America's most popular dog breed, the Labrador retriever.

Travel with the author and his dogs through the United States in search of the upland birds and waterfowl while learning about the fascinating history of the breed's development and its amazing adaptability to changing hunter's needs over the generations.

About the Author

E. Donnel Thomas is an award-winning writer whose stories for this book were drawn from the nation's most noted sporting magazines including Gray's Sporting Journal, Retriever Journal and Ducks Unlimited.

Ben O. Williams is a legendary figure in the world of bird dogs.

He has bred and trained dogs for over 40 years and, in all that time, one particular dog stole his heart more than any other - Winston, a spirited, hugely talented, but inscrutably aloof Brittany spaniel.

Williams chronicles their time and travels together while thoughtfully examining the profound relationship that can develop between dog and hunter.
It's a Lab's World

It's a Lab's World is a highly informative reference that avoids tedium and embraces fun and playfulness-pretty much like Labrador retrievers themselves.

Scores and scores of photographs, artwork, and cartoons provide visual support for a lively text which, although painstakingly detailed and complete in its breadth, is delivered in cleverly terse doses and segments.

Readers will come away from It's a Lab's World with a knowledge of this unique breed's history, use and development, characteristics, and personality.

Along with this deeper understanding comes a greater love for this very special dog.
Cold Noses and Warm Hearts

When originally published in 1959, this marvelous collection of dog stories compiled by the late humorist Corey Ford was an immediate bestseller.

For his edition, Ford selected pieces written by his friends and contemporaries whose names appeared on the mastheads of The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Life, and Colliers.

The names read like a Who's Who of humor: Thurber, Benchley. Wodehouse, White, Woollcott, Marquis.

Ford also provided balance with stories from Steinbeck, Lardner, Lawrence and others. including his own superbly poignant, classic short, "The Road to Tinkhamtown," presented here in its original version.

Laurie Morrow, in this revised collection, has retained these writers and authors while omitting those whose work didn't "travel as exceedingly well through time."

In their place she includes engaging stories of a more serious bent by both famed and newer writers.

These focus on working dogs that are also companions and helpmates.

All the stories in Cold Noses and Warm Hearts share the same theme, whether underscored by humor or deep emotion: the strong, enigmatic bond between dog and master.
Urban Dog

Owning a dog in the city has a completely different set of challenges than owning a dog in a rural or suburban setting.

The city is full of distractions for your dog such as congestion, noise, crowds of people, cars, buses, bicycles, rollerbladers, trash, sewers, alleys, roadways and other dogs.

Where you can exercise your dog is limited, and maneuvering a dog through city streets and across busy roadways is often hazardous.

Rat poison sprinkled in alleyways, garbage thrown on the sidewalk and around garbage bins, and city puddles filled with unknown substances are all threats to your dog's health.

In this book, Cis Frankel, an urban dog trainer best known for training Oprah Winfrey's cocker spaniel, teaches owners what is proper dog etiquette in urban areas and explains how to deal with the specific difficulties of training and living with a dog in the city.

Believing that the best city dog is a well-trained dog.

Cis explores the basics of puppy training (housebreaking, obedience, basic commands) and then delves into the particularities of training and owning a dog in the city.

The informative and accessible text covers collars and leash handling, housebreaking in a high-rise, navigating parks, crowds and roadways to create street-smart dogs, stressful situations to avoid, and healthcare specifics for city dogs.

This one-of-a-kind book shows how to get the most out of your dog while living in the city, and how to get the most out of the city for your dog.
Retriever Trouble-Shooting

Nationally-recognized retriever trainers John and Amy Dahl (The 10-Minute Retriever) tackle advanced training methods and problem-solving using a dog's innate strengths to compensate for its weaknesses. . . The authors also discuss good general practices and individuality in training, along with specific real-life dog training stories that help readers see how the experts deal with unique problems.
Bird Dog

Originally published in 2003, this one-of-a-kind dog training book is now available in softcover.

Ben O. Williams has become legendary for his hard-charging, bold, and obedient hunting dogs.

The training method he has developed over 40 years consistently produces friendly and affectionate dogs that also perform at the highest level in the field.

Both a training manual and a hunting philosophy, Bird Dog reveals unique and time-tested methods that cultivate a dog's instincts to hunt.
Bond for Life

Bond for Life celebrates the rich and complex bond between people and their pets around the world and throughout time.

Using captivating and evocative photographs, together with inspiring quotations taken from literature and from life, the book explores the whole range of emotions felt by people about their pets.

The evocative imagery and carefully selected quotations appeal to the senses and speak touchingly of the lasting and profoundly positive effects that pets have had on our lives.
British Training for American Retrievers

There has long been a disconnect between the retriever training methods in the United Kingdom and in North America.

British Retriever Trials are primarily a test of the dog's skill as a game finder, while American Field Trials are a test of the handling techniques of the owner.

The Brits teach their dogs to find every bird, while American handlers are training for an event in which tracking cripples plays no part.

The British manner, for many American and Canadian hunters, makes more sense to them on a day-to-day basis because its aim is to produce a finished gun dog who is steady, quiet, and reliable
The 10-Minute Retriever

The 10-Minute Retriever reflects the authors' belief that daily ten-minute training sessions best suit a retriever's attention span and lead to rapid learning.

This book is easy to use for the absolute beginner and yet deeply informative for the serious student of retriever training.

The text has the information most needed by the owner of a pet retriever: how to make it reliably obedient and well-mannered.

John and Amy Dahl have over 30 years of retriever training experience between them. They are regular and popular contributors to The Retriever Journal magazine.
Man Speaks Dog

In this humorous book about dogs, fun, light-hearted facts and quotations are perfectly paired with entertaining full-color photographs.

Fun facts include the world's largest dog (an Old English Mastiff named Zorba, who weighed 343 pounds and was 8'3" long from nose to tail), world's oldest dog (an Australian cattle dog who lived to be 29 years and 5 months!), the best drug sniffing dogs, smallest dogs, tallest dogs, plus facts about dogs' eyesight, sense of smell, regurgitation habits, territorial behavior, bad breath, foot problems, and more.

Additionally, over 200 quotations about dogs and how they affect our lives are part of this unique, intriguing, and entertaining book.
The Da Vinci Dog

Brinks Amelchenko is a 4-year-old yellow Labrador retriever and an accomplished artist.

He recently completed his first signature series, “Squirrels—Someday I'll Get You,” a ground-breaking expression of canine instinct and unrelenting passion using the peculiar technique of slobber on the panes of glass in French doors.

Amelchenko is also known for his mixed media pieces, including “Cell Phone Surprise” and “Memoirs of a Palm Frond.”

Today, in the luminous surroundings of his South Florida studio, he continues to push the limits of modern art with a unique style, a keen eye, and a sopping wet, slobbery nose.

The Da Vinci Dog is a vivid showcase of Brink’s stuffing works accompanied by his personal musings on his life as an artist.
Doxie Moxie

Guts, spunk, nerve, grit—all describe the short-statured and decidedly spirited dachshund.

This little dog has one great big attitude, which means a dachshund doesn't just have moxie—it has Doxie Moxie.

Here, this doxie moxie is showcased in hilarious color photographs of every type of dachshund in all kinds of stubborn and audacious scenarios, paired with text on being plucky, dauntless, and as tough (and sweet) as a doxie.

The Chi might be the smallest breed of dog, but they sure pack a wallop of personality!

Notoriously versatile, this little atomic fireball can be found one minute in outlandish defense of the household then just as quickly turn into a high-maintenance prima donna begging to be dressed up and carried along.

The point is to keep you guessing and entertained!

From aristocratic and adventuresome to strong-willed and suspicious, this irresistible, scrappy little snuggler is the perfect pick-me-up.

ChiWOWhua! showcases every type of Chihuahua in color photography paired with the narration of one particularly plucky and charming Chi whose main goal is to make sure we all understand just exactly who owns whom.
What Dogs Teach Us II

Dogs are our best friends for a number of reasons.

Chief among them is their passion for the joys and simplicities of life that we humans so rarely achieve.

What Dogs Teach Us is a colorful and charming little guide to life's lessons from the unassuming viewpoint of our canine companions.

We can all become better friends to one another by applying this inherent wisdom and canine nature to our own lives and circumstances.

A 30-year veteran editor and reporter, Glenn Dromgoole lives with his two dogs, Pola and Honey, who continue to teach him daily.
The Yorkie Diaries

Ah, the darling little Yorkshire Terrier.

Cute, sweet, uncomplicated...or are they?

It turns out there's a lot more going on inside those pretty little heads than most of us imagined, and a lot more going on at home when they are not under our supervision!

Besides their undercover antics, it has also been revealed that some Yorkies have a penchant for recording their innermost thoughts in secreted diaries and journals.

The Yorkie Diaries is a compilation of just some of those once private Yorkie files, sure to enlighten and entertain the yorkiephile in you!

Entries on naughtiness, on being a terrier, on 'all that hair' and, of course, true confessions (some sweet, some snarky) combined with candid color photography of the contributors in action, make for a revealing peek into the minds and lives of these precocious, and precious, little companions.
Lawless Labs

The lovable Lab turns delinquent in this waggish romp.

Soft eyes and a sweet disposition can't erase the antics of these lawless Labs, whose violations include disorderly conduct, breaking and entering, fleeing the scene of an accident, and indecent exposure.

Whether yellow, black, or chocolate, their transgressions cross all social, political, and economic lines.

Having read these rap sheets, you'll never look at the twinkle in a Lab's mischievous eyes the same way again.
German Shepherd Virtues

While it might be said that all animals have lessons to teach humans, the German Shepherd Dog has long been regarded as special when it comes to loyalty, versatility and service to others.

German Shepherd Virtues: Lessons Learned From Our Faithful Companions is a tribute to this popular and magnificent breed.

Filled with wonderful color photography of German Shepherds, each spread captures the physical beauty of the breed combining it with an inspiring attribute and quote.

Long before Rin-Tin-Tin and Strongheart made their cinematic debuts, the German Shepherd had made an impact on our lives, and our hearts.
Bulldog Bad Boys

Noted for their sweet dispositions, bulldogs at times demonstrate a shockingly nefarious nature.

This book documents an astounding array of their canine transgressions.

Follow these bulldog perps in word and picture as they shake, waddle and roll through a wave of crimes that include indecent exposure; fleeing the scene of an accident; soliciting; public nuisance; malicious mischief, and many more.

We advise all bulldog fans and owners to be on the lookout for similar canine misdeeds in their homes and neighborhoods.
To Absent Friends

Of all the animals in the world, only the dog has chosen to share his life with man, and while the dog may have benefited from the arrangement, man has gotten the much better end of the deal.

With one notable exception: the dog mercifully has no foreknowledge of his own mortality.

Even more mercifully he has no knowledge that he and the person he loves won't be together forever.

Man, for all the gifts he has been given, for all his cleverness and adaptability, his ingenuity and imagination, has been cursed with the knowledge of his own mortality and, perhaps even more painful, the knowledge that his best friend will leave him behind.

To Absent Friends is a collection of stories of dogs told by those they left behind.

Most of the dogs in these stories were good dogs; some were what we may politely describe as eccentric, some were mischievous, some were just plain bad, but all were loved, and all are missed.
Just Jack Russells

Whoever it was who coined the cliche, "They're not for everyone" had to have Jacks in mind.

Living with a Jack Russell terrier is an experience, but it is not difficult if you know the rules:

Rule One- Jacks love adventure;

Rule Two- Jacks love to have fun;

Rule Three- in case of any misunderstandings, refer to Rules One and Two.

Feisty, high-energy, adorable - when referring to dogs, these words all bring to mind the fun-loving Jack Russell terrier.

In this tribute to the Jack Russell terrier, over 200 lavish color photographs are accompanied by spirited observations about this intelligent, spunky, and irresistible little dog.

Featuring the remarkable work of award-winning photographer Dusan Smetana, this collection is stunning in its depiction of Jack Russells at home, in the field, and at play.
Just Mutts

Who among us hasn't owned or known a mutt in their lifetime?

Now these rogues of dogdom finally receive just recognition in a delightful book of their own.

Just Mutts is a colorful, touching, and often hysterical tribute to the "mixed breed domestic canine."
Just Puppies

So tiny, so fragile, so lovable.

Nuzzle a puppy to your cheek, feel and smell its satiny coat, its unconstrained, fragile respirations, the distinctive aroma of puppy breath, the fleeting, unforgettable nuances of doggy youthfulness.

This book is a beautiful photographic tribute to the wonders that are puppies.
Just Goldens

What's more lovable than a golden retriever?

Its gorgeous flowing coat, big brown eyes and sweet disposition make this dog the favorite of millions.

Just Goldens with over 200 color photographs and eloquent text, is an affectionate look at the dog that brightens your days and enriches your home with its tail-wagging, heart-warming presence.

Featuring the remarkable work of award-winning photographer Dale C. Spartas, this collection is stunning in its depiction of goldens at home, afield, and at play.
Just Setters

Just Setters is a warm and colorful tribute to what many consider the most beautiful dog breed in the world.

English, Irish, Gordon-these elegant animals serve as our gentle friends and sporting companions while posing alternately as clowns or aloof aristocrats.

Proof of their engaging personalities and gorgeous looks is demonstrated by increasing nationwide ownership.

Just Setters reveals their world in the words of an award-winning dog writer and more than 150 delightful color photographs.
Encyclopedia of North American Sporting Dogs

This heavily illustrated full-color volume includes thorough discussions on 76 spaniel, retriever, pointer, hound, and versatile breeds.

A history of the use and development of sporting dogs in North American is also included, as well as chapters on selecting a puppy, training, anatomy, pedigrees, and breeding.

The Encyclopedia of North American Sporting Dogs is written and compiled by hunters for hunters.

The authors were hand-picked for their experience and expertise with the sporting breeds.

They have spent collectively more than a century in the field - hunting, training observing, and formulating their opinions of the sporting breeds.