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The Wild Life of Cats

You never know what's going to happen when cats start talking, but the funny felines in book are sure to make you laugh.

From their frisky love lives to their ponderings on their nine lives, cartoonist Leigh Rubin brings to life the day-to-day antics of cats and kittens in over 120 cartoons in this full-color book.
The Cat-Sitter's Handbook

There's no place like home for your cat(s) while you're away.

And leaving a pet at home means hiring a sitter to either stay at your house or drop in periodically.

The Cat-Sitter's Handbook is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that your cat-sitter has all the information needed to care properly for your pet.

Simple, fill-in-the-blank format helps you record every detail about your cat's feeding, exercise, personality, and health care needs, plus emergency contact information and more.

This guide contains an excellent primer on feline behavior, suggestions for play and pampering, the correct way to discipline a cat, and what to do if the animal becomes ill.

The final section prompts feedback from your cat-sitter. Space for four cat-sitting occasions.

Karen Anderson is the author of Cats Have No Masters...Just Friends and Just Cats.

Die-cut window in front cover allows owners to insert a photo of their own pet.
Just Cats

A smaller version of the 10 x 8 inch Just Cats.

Here's a moving and intimate portrait of the sometimes moody and always mysterious Felis cactus.

From the pampered Persian luxuriating in a Manhattan apartment to the plain-old tabby mousing a Montana ranch, from LA alley cats to Key West dilettantes, explore the singular lives of these ever-popular animals in thoughtful word and over 150 endearing photographs.
What Cats Teach Us

Fresh on the heals of the successful What Dogs Teach Us, author Glenn Dromgoole offers the similarly insightful What Cats Teach Us.

Known for their reprimanding attitudes towards humans, cats still have much to teach: fastidious grooming, eating a healthy fish diet, getting plenty of rest, nurturing your independent spirit, expressing individuality and embracing curiosity, What Cats Teach Us reminds us what in life is important to avoid, defend, cherish and enjoy.
Just Feline Friends

Nobody owns a cat. You may feed it, pay for its vet bills, pet it, and talk to it every day, but that cat is your friend, not your possession.

The cat's independent nature and self-respecting attitude are what set it apart from other pets, and when one is your friend, you know that friendship is deep and true.

In this delightful tribute to the friendship of cats, wonderful full-color photographs are paired with insightful quotations on the meaning of friendship and loyalty.
Women & Cats

Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea, said Robert Heinlein.

This book takes his view to the extreme, showcasing humorous and touching photographs of cats and kittens with their female owners, and combines them with thoughtful commentary and quotations on female (and cat) power, individuality, independence, self-sufficiency, beauty, stealth, and all-around superior intelligence!

A fun, must-have romp for all women who honor cats and themselves.
Bad Kitties

Bad Kitties (Cute Kittens) provides the perfect blend of charming photographs and clever text to evoke the magical appeal and shear unpredictability of kittens.

At one moment these wee felines are cute, quiet and serene, the next they're a blur of wild and startling mischief. Why are these cute kittens such bad kitties?

Perhaps we'll never know, but meanwhile, go ahead and chuckle at their naughty behavior while getting in touch with your own inner bad kitten in this just-for-fun, cat-loving book for cat lovers.
How to Work Like a Cat

In most jobs, you're expected to work like a dog-show boundless enthusiasm for any dull and pointless task you're assigned; act thrilled with any meager reward that's tossed your way; play nice with other dogs; and never question the leader of the pack.

For your own sanity, you need to wise up and end this ridiculous canine charade. Cats have it all figured out. They live by their own rules. They refuse to be ignored. They're self-assured and serene.

This humorous book helps readers learn to work like a cat instead of a dog, urging readers to break free of the leash and leap up the workplace ladder.
The Classified Cat

Is your cat a home alone cat? Do you leave him by himself when you take off on the weekend?

Well, if you answered yes, you know the personal column for cats is one of the city's hottest meeting places for city felines.

The Classified Cat is a humorous interpretation of the often lurid and bizarre "Personals" section found in most urban newspapers.

In it, city cats are fighting loneliness and searching for fulfillment by writing their own personals hoping to find the perfect mate.

Written by felines for felines, the listings expose the soft and furry underbelly of the cat world, while also reflecting on the culture of dating, the personals, and the difficulties of meeting that perfect life companion.
Cat Rules

Anyone who owns a feline knows that cats typically rule the roost, the house, and almost everything else!

However, cats also possess some inherent, commendable traits that when observed closely, can stir admiration in any mere mortal.

Cats are by nature perceptive, serene, playful, intelligent, self-respecting, and of course, curious.

Cat Rules is a delightful book, a fun read or perfect gift, these and other essential cat traits are presented through a combination of outstanding photography and motivating quotations, each guaranteed to inspire readers and enchant cat lovers.